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About Us

We are a unique trail riding service. We would love to take you to explore some of Florida's beautiful state parks. All rides are tailored to the riders experience. If you want a nice walk so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, we can do that, or if you are up for a little more adventure, a nice canter, maybe even a quick gallop, we can do that too!

Kathy & Robert Wolfe
Kathy Wolfe
Our Herd

Kathy & Robert Wolfe


Robert and Kathy Wolfe share a passion for horses. Now, they would like to share their passion with others. Both Kathy and Robert had horses growing up and several years ago were fortunate enough to have them back in their lives. This started out as a "part time" weekend thing, but this quickly became a full-time, 7-day a week, year round business that is a dream come true. Nothing makes them happier than to see people enjoy their horses and the smiles they bring to others faces while riding them. 




We want to stress the uniqueness of our trail rides. Each ride is tailored for you and your group. If there are two riders, that's the group. We do not book other riders on your ride. The maximum number of riders in a group is six.


We will ride to your groups ability because we want this to be a great experience for everyone. Our goal is to provide you and your group with a trail ride that will be an enjoyable and memorable event. It is our hope that you will return to Wolfe's Born To Ride for future trail rides. 


We have requests to take only one rider and we do our best to accommodate the request. If you don't mind we will try to work it out so you can ride with one other person on the same riding experience level. If that can't be worked out or you prefer riding on your own, we do have a minimum charge depending on where you want to ride. Please contact us for more information.


We take lots of pictures during  your ride which we will be happy to email to within a few of days after the ride has been completed. There is no additional charge for this service --we just want you to have some great photos to show off to all of your friends and family. We do not guarantee the quality or quantity of pictures. 

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